Knotty Pine Paneling


Prefinished Knotty Pine Paneling  Prefinished Knotty Pine Paneling is tongue-and-groove with end-match and ready to install for a quick and easy installation without all the left over scrap and extra pieces. Simply nail it up and you’re done!… no sanding, no brushing, or spraying required.

The 2 coats of factory applied clear satin finish is smooth, durable, and beautiful. This non-yellowing formula will keep your wood protected and looking great. We have “In-Stock” at all times, Prefinished Knotty Pine Paneling in widths of 4″, 5″, 6″, & 8″ and Prefinished Cedar Paneling in a 6″ width only.

Additional color stain options to add to your paneling near the bottom of this page…


Prefinished Knotty Pine Paneling Gallery


Prestained Paneling – adding some color!


We offer our same high quality knotty pine paneling in a “Hand-Rubbed” Pre-stained variety to suit your desire of stain color options and needs. We use all Sherwin Williams and Min-wax interior stains and apply a two coat clear top coating in a satin finish over the hand-rubbed color stain for protection and sealer. Choose from the color palette just below or offer us up a sample to match your current stain. There’s nothing more elegant and rewarding than choosing your own stain color and seeing it come to life on the paneling for your home, business, cottage or log cabin.

All stains above have been applied to our knotty pine paneling with a 2 coat clear finish applied over the stain in these sample clips.

Looking for something even more rustic?

Thinking about adding some texture to your paneling? Ask for a more rustic looking stain for your paneling and we’ll provide you a custom one-of-a-kind Barnwood Paneling with your stain choice. Talk about awesome, this product is a hot seller! The reclaimed lumber look for a fraction of the cost!

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Current Sale Offerings


1×4 Prefinished Knotty Pine Paneling – 20% off | $1.89 a square foot!

1×4 Un-finished Knotty Pine Paneling – 25% off | $1.09 a square foot!
1×6 Un-finished Knotty Pine Paneling – 10% off | $1.35 a square foot!